Sunday, May 31, 2009

Synopsis : The White Mountain Abduction

In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving at night through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed that a bright light in the sky was following them. The light came closer and closer until it blocked the road in front of them. Barney stopped the car, retrieved his pistol and his binoculars from the glove box and got out. The next thing the couple remembered was driving away at top speed, filled with intense fear. When they arrived home they became aware that the “four-hour trip” had inexplicably taken them six hours. Gradually they realized that something had happened during those two hours of missing time. Forty-seven years after the world’s first and most famous abduction case, the Hills’ niece Kathleen Marden continues their investigation into the unknown. With startling physical evidence, hypnosis tapes, and a mysterious interstellar map, Kathleen retraces the journey her aunt and uncle took that night in an attempt to decipher if the Hills were in fact abducted by aliens.

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